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The year is 1923, and people are flocking to America — including Jin, a recently orphaned Korean girl fleeing her ravaged homeland. Illegal alien Jin lands in Seattle and soon finds herself inducted into the underground robin-hooding world of the Undesirables: the nonwhite, female-representing, unimportant nobodies with bad papers and super powers. Using a blended score of live-looped Electro Pop, Bomba Reggaeton, American Folk, Hip Hop, Gregorian Chants, and Spoken Word, Undesirables explores what happens when the Have-Nots find themselves with more power than anyone could have anticipated? And what would happen if they decided to use it against the Haves?

By Hansol Jung & Music by Brian Quijada & Directed by Julie Ritchey


New York Times Pick: A Top North American Theater Festival Refuge follows a young Honduran girl on her difficult journey from Central America through Mexico and into South Texas, a Rancher who finds her passed out on his land, and a female Latina border patrol agent who is trying to discover what is lost in the desert. And also, the animals who are just trying to survive – as everything is illegal in the desert. Through a cross-cultural exploration involving puppetry, original music, and bilingual storytelling, the fabric and landscape of South Texas are theatrically brought to life in this intimate and visual story. Refuge is an investigation of America – who we are and who we say we are. And an examination of the desert and the bodies that line the way to freedom, as the desert doesn’t discriminate between young or old, human or animal, citizen or undocumented.

by Andrew Rosendorf & Music by Satya Chavez & Directed by Chip Walton

PBS: Horizonte interview begins at 12:50.

Satya is officially represented by Paonessa Talent Agency in Chicago. Please reach out to them here with all theatrical, commercial, voiceover and film inquiries.


evocation to visible appearance 

42nd humana festival

"a potent and controversial statement that we will be talking about long after this year’s festival has ended."

You wanna know what the future looks like? Samantha, 17 and possibly pregnant, longs for solid ground—but she’s haunted by the sense that nothing will last. When Sam befriends a tattooed musician, has she found someone who understands this fallen world? With black humor and black metal, this gripping new play gives form to a gathering darkness.

by Mark Schultz & Directed by Les Waters


You across from me

42nd Humana festival

“Comedy dominated the evening, but “Olive,” by Brian Otaño, was a subtle and enigmatic piece of a more serious intent, and was nicely played by Satya Chavez and Sergio Caetano.”

In polarizing times, what does it really mean to come to the table? With electric wit and fierce imagination, four writers explore this surprisingly complicated act, and the many ways we connect, confront and compromise. 

by Jaclyn Backhaus, Dipika Guha, Brian Otaño and Jason Gray Platt. & Directed by Jessica Fisch.

American idol

season 1 on abc

Satya made it through to Hollywood Week of ABC's first season of American Idol, auditioning for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.  The season premiered March 11, 2018.

ACtors Theatre of louisville

Satya completed the Professional Training Company Apprenticeship at Actors Theatre of Louisville for their 2017-2018 season.